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I dunno if there was a Valentines day in the 1800s but now there is XD))

I had come to hate Valentines Day at this point... It was all about love and honestly it was just another day we humans had decided to curse with a title other than a day name... I had risen early so that I could take a walk and was surprised to find a small red heart on my bedside table. Having opened it, my frown flipped to a smile, followed by a small chuckle. I had no idea who wrote this but I knew it as Holme's writing and that made enough of my day right there. He hated this day as much as I but then again he never had anyone. I had just lost Mary so it was harsh. I reread the lines:

Dear Watson,
I know you despise this holiday as much as I do but I just wanted to let you know you are appreciated and that you are cared for....

And then I noticed in smaller writing beneath his signature were the three words he and I never spoke to each other... I love you....
How odd that I would see that and that it would bring a blush to my face no less. I dressed quickly and put the heart in my pocket and left to the downstairs where I found Holmes sitting upside down on his chair, hair hanging down in an almost irresistable way.
"Thanks Holmes," I said coming to sit on the floor across from him so as to see him better. He just smiled and then flipped over before coming to sit in front of me," Anytime my dear Watson... Anytime... Is that all?"
He seemed to not want to say anything but he was anxious I could tell so I nodded and made to stand up but he quickly pulled me back down and onto his lap. My face was a brilliant scarlet when I fell into the taller man's lap," Holmes..."
He just leaned in and closed the gap between our faces and gently, almost fearfully brought his lips to mine and I melted in his arms, my one Valentines Day wish come true... I hoped this would lead to a good few Valentines Days to come...
We were locked in a heated embrace until Mrs. Hudson walked in and dropped the tea tray and it was like we had been struck by lightning, or our parent's found us doing something bad, and we flew apart from each other.
"Ah.. um... I'm sorry. I knocked and there was no answer so I.. I just nevermind.. I'll be going now.." Mrs. Hudson stuttered, her face nearly magenta as she spun around and left, leaving the tea tray and spilled tea on the floor...
Thus our Valentines went fairly well and I woke later to find myself tangled in Holmes' arms and his chin upon my head, gently breathing in his sleep. I couldn't help but smile even though there was a fair amount of clothing on the floor....

To my Sherlock, though he's long gone now, I love you. Never have I spoken truer words...
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